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Your Guide to Stealth Vaping

While we love vaping for the clouds and can’t get enough battery life on our huge box mods, there are times when you may want to stay under the radar. Imagine yourself enjoying a cup of coffee on an outside terrace of a quiet cafe — you probably won’t want to draw attention to yourself blowing strawberry vape clouds into other patrons’ faces. This is just one of the many situations where you may want to prefer to stay discreet when you vape. And this is where stealth vaping comes in.


What is Stealth Vaping


Quite simply, stealth vaping is a term used to describe the style of vaping when you vape discreetly: for instance when you’re in a public place. It’s a handy skill to have if you don’t want to be the center of attention or simply feel like keeping your vaping experience to yourself.  


What Do You Need to Start Stealth Vaping? 


There are two main things that make stealth vaping possible. 

First, it’s the right vaping device


The first thing you will need to try out stealth vaping is a discreet vape kit. Stealth vaping with a 150W box mod is simply not an option, no matter how skilled of a vaper you may be. Thus, you will need a subtle and concealable vaping mod, like a pod mod, to get started. Though not as powerful as large box mod vapes, pod mods come with plenty of advantages of their own:


Compact. Pod systems are as compact as vaping devices get and most of them can easily fit into your palm and be carried in your pocket. This makes them ideal for stealth vaping.


Simple. Pod systems are very easy to use. So, you won’t need to spend time tweaking with settings or reveal yourself by pressing any buttons. Most pod mods are also draw-activated, which is perfect for vaping discreetly.


Affordable. The cost of pod systems varies from brand to brand, but most of them are cheaper than standard bigger mods, which prices starting from as low as $15.


Satisfying. Don’t let the small size fool you. Vaping with a pod system can be just as satisfying as vaping with a bigger mod — especially if you are using high nicotine concentrations. 




Second, you will need the right technique. 


Stealth vaping is no rocket science — but you will still need to keep a few things in mind and give yourself some time to practice. The two very basic rules of stealth vaping are these:


Hide your LEDs. Even if you are using the very subtle and discreet IQ Air, the small LED indicator on the bottom part of the device that lights up when you take a hit may easily give you away. Thus, do remember to cover the light with your hand — or, alternatively, conceal it with a piece of tape or other material.


Don’t huff and puff. If you want to vape stealthily, you can’t take big puffs. Even minimal cloud devices like IQ Air can produce quite a bit of vapor when you take a long draw. To not draw attention to yourself (pun intended), inhale lightly and exhale through pursed lips.


Master the right inhale. The key thing about stealth vaping is minimizing the amount of vapor you create. 


The easiest way to go about it is to simply hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. The longer you hold it in, the less vapor you will exhale. 


You can lessen the amount of vapor you exhale even further by taking another deep inhale before you exhale or by swallowing after you take an inhale. Note that all of these techniques are not recommended if you vape e-juices that are high in nicotine. 


 Hide your clouds. As an extra measure or as an alternative to the different inhale, you can simply hide the vapor that you exhale. For example, you can try to exhale down into your shirt or exhale into a handkerchief or a paper towel. True, that might look a bit strange, but it will mask the clouds from your vape.


There are a few other things that could help as well:


Use a high PG juice. Juices that have a high content of VG (vegetable glycerin) are great for blowing big clouds. In stealth vaping, this is what you will want to avoid. That’s why it’s best to choose e-juices with a higher PG (propylene glycol) content. Juices that are 80% PG would be ideal for stealth vaping. However, if you can not find e-liquids that are that high in PG, a simple 50/50 blend can also work. 


Select the right flavors. While big clouds are the key thing to avoid if you want to be discreet, they are not the only thing that may give you away as a vaper. If you are vaping a strong-smelling pungent e-juice, the chances are you will get some attention from those nearby. So, what should you vape? It’s probably best to go with something light and airy, like a citrusy blend, menthol, mint, etc. 


What is Zero Vaping


Zero vaping is the major league of stealth vaping. If you master this skill, you will be able to vape pretty much anywhere without others noticing. When you zero vape, you take a hit without exhaling any vapor. Once again, the prerequisites for zero vaping are a small vaping mod and the right technique. In this case, however, the learning curve may be slightly steeper.


There are two main zero vaping techniques.


The first one involves taking multiple short inhales. You should take a small puff and hold the exhale. Instead, inhale a bit of air again via the mouth and nose. Do this at least one more time and hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling through pursed lips. 


Another way to zero vapes is by taking a quick puff and then long deep inhale (at least five seconds) to bring it into the lungs. Once again, you will need to exhale with pursed lips.


Give each technique a few tries and see how you feel about it. If you are vaping at a high nicotine level and doing it this way feels uncomfortable, do not push yourself: try lowering your nicotine level or go back to the vaping style you are used to.


Why Stealth Vape?


As we’ve mentioned earlier, there can be quite a few reasons why you may want to vape discreetly.  It can simply be a matter of privacy or you may be apprehensive of the reaction of people nearby. Despite the official statement by the Public Health England saying that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and the fact that second-hand vaping has been proven to be non-toxic, some people may still give you a hard time over it — even if you are vaping in a place where it is allowed.

Some vapers master the stealth vaping or zero vaping technique to avoid restrictions and vape in places where it is forbidden. This is not something we recommend as paying a hefty fine for vaping in the wrong place will surely leave a bad taste in your mouth — and haven’t you switched to vaping to avoid just that?


A Stealth Vaper’s Code


After you have become the master of stealth vaping, you may want to stealth vape anywhere and anytime. But just because you can does not mean it is a good idea. 


For instance, if an establishment (like a restaurant or club) has made it clear that they do not allow vaping, it’s best to keep to their policy. 


Needless to say, you should not practice stealth vaping on a flight (there are some people who’ve tried doing that and now you can read about them in the news) or any other mode of public transport that does not allow it.


If you are invited into someone’s home and they are not too keen about people vaping inside their house, it’s also best not to challenge that with stealth vaping.


In most situations, the question of whether it is okay or not okay to stealth vape is related to whether it’s okay to expose others around you to second-hand vapor. While a lot of people still think of second-hand vapor as the same thing as second-hand smoke, this is clearly not the case. Second-hand vapor is not known to have any health effects and the vapor itself contains minimal amounts of chemicals. Thus, most vapers would not see stealth vaping as something that infringes on the rights of others. With that, there are some situations when stealth vaping may simply not be worth the trouble. 

Trust your instincts and evaluate your risks before you attempt to stealth vape.


Summing Things Up


Stealth vaping is a very handy skill to master. It can help you get around some of the senseless restrictions placed on vaping and, if you are new to vaping, may help you overcome the vaping in public barrier that some budding vapers experience. 

For ex-smokers, it can prove to be a very efficient method of battling nicotine withdrawal. 


Once you do get the hang of stealth vaping, use your new powers wisely — and have a great vape! 

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